For an excellent motivational speech; leadership, teamwork, resilience, perseverance, faith and forgiveness for business, military, elementary schools through universities, churches and religious organizations, please simply call Guy's office at 419-953-1083


Capt. Guy D. Gruters 


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Call his office directly at 419-953-1083.



A. Churches, Service Clubs, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Schools, Military Units, Prisons, etc.;

Your Customary Honorarium plus travel/expenses


B. Businesses or Business Conferences in CONUS;

Your Customary Fee (special quotes for overseas availability) plus travel/expenses


C. Consulting per day in CONUS;

Negotiated (special quotes for overseas availability) plus travel/expenses


* Your Theme, your wish? Length of talk? Date? Time?
* Event, Conference, Keynote, After Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Club, Military, Educational, Graduation, Commencement, Youth, Teen, Parish, Retreat, Patriotic Public Events


Your phone call will initiate a discussion with Guy to determine the parameters of the speech and agreement. Following verbal and/or email agreement, a contract signed by Guy will be sent to you for your signature. 


Guy's outstanding combat record, his POW years and experiences since then contribute to him being at present an excellent motivational and inspirational Catholic, Christian, Corporate, Small Business, Military, Youth, Teen, Parish or Retreat speaker candidate for your organization's next event.


This is because as well as being a published motivational speaker with numerous engagements as a small business, corporate, military, family, Catholic and Christian speaker to his credit, Guy will also bring a unique perspective to your next event. Please consider the About page and the Speaker page of this website to decide if you agree. Returning from six years in Vietnam, Guy spent many years as a small business CEO and high-level corporate executive officer, while raising a large family. The combination of extensive combat experience and being a POW returning with honor from extreme difficulties, along with powerful experiences in the small business, corporate and family real world, allows Guy to be a tailored speaker for your special requirements. 


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